Slovakia - The hidden wine gem

If you are not from Slovakia, you have probably never tasted our wines. Do not worry - you are not the only one. Slovakia has had troubled past. This small, young wine country however, definitely deserves your attention. Some of the wines from Slovakia cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Troubled past

As you may probably know from your history books, Slovakia has quite troubled history. Over the course of last century there have been several changes in government and regime. Slovakia is independent since 1993 which basically marks the beginning of its wine history. Even though our country got a fresh start, the wine industry has been affected by the troubled past.

Limbach Sylvaner wine label
The infamous "Limbašský Silván" or Limbach Sylvaner has ruined consumer trust towards this grape

Unitl the fall of communist regime in Slovakia, there was no such thing as private ownership. That applied to wine industry as well. All of the wine was made in large industrial factories owned by the government. There would not be anything workng with that. After all, 40-60% of world wines is produced this way. Problem was in the wine making process itself. There was no respect towards the grape or the art of wine making. Wine was produced as a mass commodity without any regard for quality.All the grapes would be pooled together in big vats without any consideration of which grapes are actually being mixed together.

The worst thing was the naming of these "wines". Government officials would just name the wines however they would feel like. The worst example, that haunts wine makers to this day is "Limbašský Silván" or Limbach Sylvaner. Does not sound bad, right? The problem was, that there was no sylvaner in these bottles.It was a mix of low quality grapes that have been vinified using added sugar. Because of that, Slovak consumer do not trust Sylvaner to this da even though it is an excellent grape with wide popularity in Alsace.

Winds of change

After the fall of the regime in 1989, wine growers and producers were finally able to produce wine on their own in a quality they wanted to. These small producers were still producing their wines during the reign of communist party. It was an underground operation and the wines would be used for their own consumption only. Now, with the arrival of free market, they were able to present their wines to general public. To establish Slovak wine making in its current glory, bigger steps than free market were necessary. Meet the legend of Slovak wine making, Dorota Pospíšilová.

Dorota Pospíšilová
Dorota Pospíšilová helped to build Slovak wine making to its current form

Dorota Pospíšilová was working was an enologist at Slovak Wine Institute. During her many years of experience she starting experimenting with the vines themsleves and starting cross-breeding them (do not mix it with genetic modification). Over the course of her career she has managed to create several different, high quality grapes that are specific to Slovakia and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. To honor their origin, she has named all of her grapes after the Slovak rivers such as Dunaj (Danube in English, also available in our selection), Devín, Hron, Nitra, Rimava and other.

These grapes are helping to put Slovakia on the wine map of the world. Dunaj, producing some of our best wines, is often competing on world renowned competitions and beating established names with ease. Due to relatively young history of wine aming, Slovakia still struggles to establish itself as a wine country. However, Slovaks are a nation of fighters and it translates to the wine industry too. Wine growers and producers do not give up and every single bottle is filled with great wine wth hope, that the world will appreciate them

Do not take our word for it

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