Just another wine shop?

Is Sanitra Wine just another wine shop joining the overwhelming amount? The answer is simple - No! So how are we different?

Welcome to our journey

Founder of Sanitra Wine is me, Martin Sanitra - a wine enthusiast with years of experience in tasting, selling and learning about wine. I have spent last 4 years working in one of the top french restaurants in Copenhagen learning about wine, food pairing and wine industry. I have been learning how to work with wine and what mikes wine great since I was legally allowed to (as you can see on the picture below from 9 years ago)

I have seen plenty of distributors competing between each other for a spot on our wine list. There were so many that eventually they just started bledning together and nothing made them memorable. Everybody was offering the same thing: "Here are some wines from France, Italy, Spain. I'll give you a sample, here is my business card, let me know if you like them and I will make you a good price."

So here comes another one - Sanitra Wine. Another guy that will join the mix in the extremely competitive Danish wine market. So how is Sanitra Wine different from its competitors? We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We will break the wheel.

Martin, at the young age of 19, visiting an old wine cellar, learning about wine from small, family wine producers

Off the beaten track

Great wines can be found all over the world. For a very long time, the world wine market, including the Danish one, has been dominated by wine empires such as France, Italy, Spain, USA and others. I have started this company to change that. Sanitra Wine is focusing solely on wine countries that are currently under-represented in the wine market.

Our journey will start with Slovakia, since it is my home country. Slovakia and its wines that made me fall in love with wine in all its shapes and made me interested in learning more about it. I will write about Slovak winemaking in one of the future articles. Countries, such as Slovakia, do not have a very long or known history of wine making. This, however does not mean that they are not able to produce excellent wines. And we are on a mission to bring them to the world.

To fight the big guys, we have to bring out the big guns - or wines, in this case. Instead of bringing tens or hundreds of wines from the same country, we are handpicking only the very best. We are choosing only the most exclusive wines these countries can offer and bring them to you at a price, that can compete with old wine countries.

Our very first three wines will be available in early october 2019 in limited quantities. Like our

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