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Martin Sanitra

Let me introduce myself. My name is Martin Sanitra and I am the founder of Sanitra Wine. I have been working with wine for the most of my adult life. Whether it was working with wineries, selling wine or just enjoying the experience myself, wine has always been a great passion of mine.


We are a young company striving to change the way people think about wine. Wine market has been dominated by old wine countries for centuries. Sanitra Wine aims to bring new and exciting flavors to the Danish market.

We have started this company with a vision to enable locals interested in wine to taste wines from countries that are massively under-rated. First country that we will bring to the Danish market is Slovakia with a goal to bring wine from other countries, such as Czech Republic, Georgia and other in the future.


Meet our producer


Elesko is one of the most modern wineries in Slovakia. Combining huge cutting-edge technology of wine-making, main vineyard with size of over 100 hectars and several smaller vineyards around the country, Elesko is able to produce truly exceptional wines.

We have selected some of the best wines from their portfolio and we bring them to your tables.

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Premium wines from Slovakia

More wines will be added to our offer. Contact us for orders. Vintages might differ. Mix and match to your liking.

Chardonnay "2"

selected grapes, 2018

Wine has intense yellow color with high viscosity. Aroma is dominated with exotic fruits together with hints of balsamic spice. Fruity taste is well balanced with pleasant acidity finished with hints of cinnamon and almonds. Wine has medium-long after taste.

Petit Merle rosé


Made from Merlot, this semi-dry rosé makes a great companion (not only)  on hot summer evenings.


Beautiful pink color with flavuor of blueberries, cherries and plums and a nice light sweet aftertaste.

Pálava "1"

late harvest, 2018

Originally a Czech grape, Pálava is one of the staples of Elesko winery.


Bright golden color, fresh floral and fruity taste with notes of peach, mango and honey with a light spicy aftertaste.



Dunaj, named after the river Danube is an original Slovak grape and it makes some of the best wines this country has to offer.

Bordeaux type of wine with rich purple color, taste of forest fruits with subtle hints of cinnamon with long, mildly spicy aftertaste.

"Three Riders", 2013

Singature blend of Pálava, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay. Grapes have been harvested in late harvest quality in vintage 2013.


This bright golden color wine is dominated with aromas of tropical fruit with hints of nutmeg and lemon grass. Taste is complex and full with a harmonized acid content finished with a pleasant sweet aftertaste.



We will bring you wines from more producers as we grow.


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